Fountain Of Youth
    Peak Records USA / eOne Music

    The journey began 28 years ago when Russ Freeman formed the band that would become synonymous with contemporary jazz… a band that four-wheeled through a fusion of rock, world music, pop and jazz. A band that helped defined a genre, create a lifestyle and explore melody without vocals. Nearly three decades later, his band is showing no signs of slowing down; Russ Freeman continues to create soul stirring, driving music on the Rippingtons’ 20th album, FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. This guitar-centric project features some of the coolest guitars in Freeman’s collection, including his 1960 Strat, 70’s Telecaster, Baglama (Turkish sitar-like instrument), Ukulele, among other vintage gear. The 10 new tunes will leave you delighted… from the energetic, opener, “Spice Route” to the pop/rock first single, “North Shore” to the chilled out finale, “Garden of the Gods,” it’s clear the band has discovered the secret to youthful longevity. Long live the Rippingtons! ~SANDY SHORE

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